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My passion is spatial design that combines form and function for residential and work spaces. I strive to produce practical design solutions that work best for the user, whilst enhancing the aesthetic appeal. 

I endeavor to create good, well thought-out design that maximises function. At the same time creating intriguing sight lines that guide your eye effortlessly through any given space.

Material and design solutions are out there. It just requires research and development to find the best application. Why be conventional when you can think outside the box and use a material in a unique setting?

Tickbox Design is all about creating feel-good spaces that perform effortlessly.


This is your space, you need to be proud of it and feel comfortable within it.

Building projects often amount to large sums of money. It’s completely understandable to feel overwhelmed by design decisions that have to be made. I am here to help.

I can assist you by drawing your project in 3D enabling you to visualise your space. This will give you the confidence to know that you are making all the right choices.

3D renders will clearly illustrate and reveal the space that you are wanting to create. 3D video walkthroughs will influence and prompt design opportunities.

Having worked in the industry alongside architects, contractors, project managers and clients, I am able to bridge the gap of communication and aid in the smooth running of your project.

By approaching projects in this way and developing these initial designs at the early stages, no visual aspects will be missed.


I have always loved planning and visualising how spaces could be improved. As a child I would often draw rooms and move my bedroom furniture around.

While I was studying I worked in many sectors - hospitality, retail, factories and even a care home for the elderly.  Every job I had I tried to apply my love for design and used each role as a case study to think how the space could be improved for the main user. I realised that every space has unique requirements and the user/consumer should be able to use the space as effortlessly as possible. The room should work for you and not be difficult or frustrating.  Working in a Care homes was one of the biggest eye openers, there are so many aspects of design that must work, from the height of light switches to functioning grab rails. Comparing this to a factory setting which the main requirement is to have an efficient production system. A bar or restaurant has two two zones - the front of house works very differently to the back bar or kitchen. Retail spaces are all about maximise sales, each square meter has got to earn, so therefore has to be visually enticing.

This got me thinking about how important design is and how it has got to work and function for the person using the space. Everything is designed. The better the design, the happier the customer.

Fortunately, my best subjects in school were Art and Maths so I decided to combined these and headed to Reading school of Arts and Design where I studied 3D Design which consisted of Exhibition, Interior and Product Design.

I left University with a degree but realised that I needed to increase my knowledge further. I secured jobs that would build up design experience. I worked designing and selling Kitchens and Bathrooms for over 6years. I worked in a plumbers merchant and built on my knowledge about heating and plumbing systems, boilers, pipework and background workings of buildings. I worked for a lighting and electrical company in London. When I first moved to Vancouver in Canada I worked for a home staging company, dressing multi million dollar houses and apartments in order to increase their selling potential and value.

I then started to working in Retail design. Here I got to work with architects and contractors. I learnt how to produced full working drawings and joinery packs for furniture design. In North America I designed over 100 shops, two Spa’s and company office spaces. When I moved back to the UK I continued designing shops internationally, in Europe, in MENA, South Africa, Indonesia, Australasia and South America.

The building regulations are different on each continent so it was interesting to learn design requirements and country laws. Analysing sales and studying the shoppers psychology when using retail spaces is fascinating
to me.


Although I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from the retail sector, I relaised that my real passion is in residential design. I want to help people develop the spaces in which they live. We spend so much time in our homes, they should reflect our personalities and provide the upmost enjoyment. I have been assisiting people with residential extensions, retreat spaces, home businesses and complete house over-hauls. I love the variety of projects and especially love the variety of people I get to work with.

My biggest personal project was rennovating my own house and garden. We have nearly doubled it in size and it truly reflects us (myself and my family). I project managed these works, researched and sourced all of the fixtures, fittings and astesthic materials. I then picked up the tools and converted a small shipping container into a home garden bar - in the style of a Japanese Izakaya.

I live and breath design. My mind is constantly ticking and I am always trying to work out why something has been designed the way it has. I celebrate clever design and want to make the world a feel-good functioning space!

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