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Overview: Rebecca has a large outdoor space which had 4 stables with an adjoining paddock. The land backs onto green belt and the paddock is surrounded by mature trees with no residential neighbours to the right.

Brief: To create a separate, self contained cabin with the intention of renting it out as an Air B&B.


To design an indoor/outdoor meditation area in the centre of the field for up to 8 people.


They also want to re landscape their existing garden to include a BBQ area, dinning area and a comfortable sitting area with fire pit. A screened driveway to the side of this garden is required for customers to be able to access the meditation centre and the cabin retreat.


Criteria: The cabin size is to be 6m x 6m and to include a shower room, small kitchen, space for a dinning table, sofa area and a private covered decked/patio for customers to enjoy the surrounding trees. Rebecca provided images of a cabin with a curved roof which we used as an inspirational reference.

The Meditation centre needed to be a separate business from the cabin and private from the main house so we positioned it facing the woods to the right of the paddock. We designed this area to include an indoor space for up to 8 people and also an outdoors meditation circle which could accomodate lager groups for outdoor yoga. Rebecca already has some parking to the front of her house but requires an extra 4 parking spaces to the rear.

Due to vehicle access being required to the cabin and the Meditation centre, we needed to screen off the driveway and re-landscape their existing garden. We added a pergola, BBQ station/outdoor kitchen, an outdoor dinning area and a comfy lounge sitting area with a central fire pit. We zoned each of these areas using a mixture of patio slabs, composite decking and added a lawn space.

This project is going to be constructed in 3 phases. So it was really important that each stage was designed with this in mind. All services and eminities are have been specified early on to avoid doubling up on labour.

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