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Overview: This is a large Victorian detatched house which had been extended into the garden to create a new kitchen/family room which was no longer functioning effectively for the clients.


The existing extention consists of a brick walled construction with a pitched roof. This part of the building was to be retained within the new design. 

Attached to the pitched roof was a large section of single glazed roof and wall panels.  The frames are wooden and are started to age.  The client is very keen to replace these for a more heat efficient flat roof construction with skylights and a sliding double glazed wall leading to the garden. 


Brief: To improve the working space of the

kitchen / family room. The initial brief was to reconfigure the exiting space by zoning. As the project developed the clients decided they would like to extend out to the side, infront of their existing lounge space.


By added this extra extention to the space we created an L-shaped, triple zoned family room space with the hub being the kitchen. A large dinning area off to the right and a comfortable sitting area to the front. 

This property benefited from beautiful views over fields and woodland to the rear and the clients wanted to make the most of this visual aspect. We opened up the rear wall and added large glazed panels to enable sight lines out from all areas of the family room and kitchen space. 

A modern kitchen with an island incorporating a hob and central ceiling hung cooker hood. Plenty of space for family and grandchildren to sit around the island on bar chairs. 

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